Dr Kobus Coetsee

so we met dr coetsee

appeared to be a very nice friendly man.

he apologised to us for having to come in on a saturday, which didn’t phase us too much, we were just happy that we were with someone that was actually going to tell us our fate.

so he opened our file and went through all our results that we had collected and asked a series of questions. he went on to explain why he wanted to do another semen test as the first test came back with ±49% normal sperm but the more thorough test the clinic had done the second time, found out there are about ±10% normal sperm (not feeling very positive with that right about now).

he explained what this mar antibodies issue is actually about and that the body actually sees seamen as a foreign body so when it comes into contact with blood, antibodies are sent to protect the body. now obviously this is fine in women but not fine in men, so i assume my incident that had me hospitalised must has somehow caused for blood to permanently get into contact with my seamen hence the reason for the high antibodies. so these antibodies basically surround the sperm and cause them to clump and/or stick together. because they were stuck together this would be the reason we couldn’t get any swimmers to j eggs. dr c made a note because he needed to know how they were sticking together i.e. head to head, head to tail or tail to tail. once of these were very bad he mentioned but said would come back to us on that (never did).

he then had this diagram out on his desk of the reproductive system and explained in depth what happens and what our chances will be.

12% chance with ai and if successful 10% chance of twins.

40-50% chance if we go IVF route.

dr c wanted to do an internal but j was a bit apprehensive as she had literally just started suzie, just before leaving home for our appointment.

dr c didn’t seem to phased with this and explained that he sometimes has to do internal scans on cd3 (blood bath).

we were ushered into the room next door to his office, i was allowed  to sit in the room while j got her lady bits checked out and i, must admit you ladies go thru some eeeeeek stuff.

dr c saw j had 12 eggs on the left and 10 on the right – all healthy and big which seemed to please dr c very much.

he recommended we set up a hsg to check the tubes and flow through the tubes, just to make sure there no blockages.

hsg scheduled for the 13th at umhlanga hospital, we getting somewhere now



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