Pregnant (=^.^=)

So j and i have spent a relaxing weekend in the berg with the folks…well…it was relaxing for me but j had gastro all weekend so was (wo)man down and horizontal all weekend.
since j was due to get aunt flow yesterday/today (this could be a positive sign), we decided we would stop at hilton hospital on the way home to do the blood test, to see if we pregnant or not, so by the time we got home we would have got the results of the test.
in true j fashion of course we couldn’t go straight home after doing the blood test, j decided we needed to do some shopping (nothing stops this woman from a shopping sesh).
we stopped at the mushroom farm store in assagay when j got the call from Dr C rooms, j left me at the till to pay (as usual) for our groceries and walked out to take the call. as soon as i paid and started walking out, j had finished the call and could see a few tears in her eyes(expecting the worse), i asked “annnnnnd???” to which she gave me the thumbs up. i dropped the groceries in the car park, kissed and hugged my wifey with all my love. we were both in so much shock that we had been given the good news besides the 12% odds we were up against. j even said the sister that called also couldn’t believe it that we got it on the first AI try.
once we had been given the great news, we had to phone the lab again as Dr C wanted to check progesterone levels in j blood, to see if she needed meds to help.
we have told our parents and we have given strict instructions that no one is to know until we get the all clear from Dr C.
the results came back positive for the progesterone test and we now have a scan scheduled for 22 March, hopefully i little 2 week old blob sticks/stays and we can get to have a photoshoot when scan day arrives.

we are very happy, overwhelmed and in shock


Day 13 – Today is THE day

told J to take a ovulation test this morning to see if the trigger worked, she wasn’t overly keen since she didn’t know if she could handle anymore disappointment but would you look at that – its positive (=^.^=)
i’ve taken the day off today so just waiting for the time to go on by so i can put my baby gravy in the cup and see if the magic happens (lets hope and pray)
so i have done my deed and placed my swimmers in the cup, i had to go to the fertility clinic downstairs from Dr C rooms and get reacquainted with the bathroom stall once again in order to produce the goods, still sad that they don’t provide any “motivation” for this process (nothing like the movies).
J came an hour later and was provided with a syringe and a test tube, she was told to keep our “babies” warm by keeping the test tube in her bra until it was time for Dr C to do the AI procedure.
We went upstairs and then quickly ushered in to the room, Dr C came in doing a few checks, again commended J on what a good ovulation she has had, showed us these tweezer like contraption and how stringy J fluid was, i dunno but we will take any positivity that comes our way. Dr C put our cleaned/washed “babies” in their new home, told J to lay there for at least 10 minutes on the bed and then gave some orders and rather loudly “YOU WILL HAVE INTERCOURSE TONIGHT” (Woohoo).
After the 10 minutes of J chilling on the bed, we went to the reception area, the sister came out and told us, J must go for bloods on the 27th, which suits us since we away that weekend and taken that day off.
Now its the waiting game again and see if this turns out positive…fingers crossed.

Day 12 – Trigger

this morning was another negative (URGH!)
this seems to be getting a little all to much for J, emotionally, i had to call the sister and let them know we still didn’t have a positive result.
when i eventually got through to the sister she insisted that i come straight away to come collect trigger, to which i needed to administer it to J immediately. lucky for me J works across the road from me so once i had collected the trigger i then needed to sneak J out of work. since we haven’t really told anyone besides family and close friends of our “situation”, J had to make an excuse to leave work for a few min, so we drove up to the local Spar and i gave J her trigger in a semi secluded parking spot – extremely dodgy if anyone did see us, i mean me shooting up J in the parking lot of Spar mid morning with needles 🙂
our app is set for tomorrow, so basically what happens is that i need to “come” in the morning at the fertility clinic, they then wash the sperm off of the antibodies, was told they put on an incline(not sure if this is true) and after a bit all the good swimmers that make it to the top of the incline get scooped into a syringe and then an hour later J needs to come in for insemination and hope these clean swimmers will do their thing.
trying to be positive for both J an I is exhausting, J is emotional wreck at the mo, which is understandable since this isn’t really how you want to make a baby 😦

Day 10 – Scan

So today we went for the scan to see how the lining and eggs are doing.
Dr C didn’t seem to impressed with the thickness of the lining but nothing he said we must be concerned about. he then went on to see the eggs, J had 1 nice egg on the one side and then the Dr C seemed to get quite excited about what he saw on the other side, 2 massive size eggs. “TWINS” was Dr C remark when he saw this (OH YES PLEASE – GREAT NEWS).
the sister then explained the next step of our plan, we needed to do an ovulation test for the next 3 days (including today) and when we have a positive result, J will need to go for bloods to see what her LH level is at and if Dr C is happy with the level then we would have insemination the next day BUT if we didn’t get a positive result by the morning of day 13 then J will need a trigger for the ovualtion.
Once our app was done we went in search for ovulation test, sister recommended we use the CLearBlue range which we obviously took her advice however the result was negative.
J did the test again in the eve and again negative 😦