Day 10 – Scan

So today we went for the scan to see how the lining and eggs are doing.
Dr C didn’t seem to impressed with the thickness of the lining but nothing he said we must be concerned about. he then went on to see the eggs, J had 1 nice egg on the one side and then the Dr C seemed to get quite excited about what he saw on the other side, 2 massive size eggs. “TWINS” was Dr C remark when he saw this (OH YES PLEASE – GREAT NEWS).
the sister then explained the next step of our plan, we needed to do an ovulation test for the next 3 days (including today) and when we have a positive result, J will need to go for bloods to see what her LH level is at and if Dr C is happy with the level then we would have insemination the next day BUT if we didn’t get a positive result by the morning of day 13 then J will need a trigger for the ovualtion.
Once our app was done we went in search for ovulation test, sister recommended we use the CLearBlue range which we obviously took her advice however the result was negative.
J did the test again in the eve and again negative 😦

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