Day 12 – Trigger

this morning was another negative (URGH!)
this seems to be getting a little all to much for J, emotionally, i had to call the sister and let them know we still didn’t have a positive result.
when i eventually got through to the sister she insisted that i come straight away to come collect trigger, to which i needed to administer it to J immediately. lucky for me J works across the road from me so once i had collected the trigger i then needed to sneak J out of work. since we haven’t really told anyone besides family and close friends of our “situation”, J had to make an excuse to leave work for a few min, so we drove up to the local Spar and i gave J her trigger in a semi secluded parking spot – extremely dodgy if anyone did see us, i mean me shooting up J in the parking lot of Spar mid morning with needles 🙂
our app is set for tomorrow, so basically what happens is that i need to “come” in the morning at the fertility clinic, they then wash the sperm off of the antibodies, was told they put on an incline(not sure if this is true) and after a bit all the good swimmers that make it to the top of the incline get scooped into a syringe and then an hour later J needs to come in for insemination and hope these clean swimmers will do their thing.
trying to be positive for both J an I is exhausting, J is emotional wreck at the mo, which is understandable since this isn’t really how you want to make a baby 😦

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