Day 13 – Today is THE day

told J to take a ovulation test this morning to see if the trigger worked, she wasn’t overly keen since she didn’t know if she could handle anymore disappointment but would you look at that – its positive (=^.^=)
i’ve taken the day off today so just waiting for the time to go on by so i can put my baby gravy in the cup and see if the magic happens (lets hope and pray)
so i have done my deed and placed my swimmers in the cup, i had to go to the fertility clinic downstairs from Dr C rooms and get reacquainted with the bathroom stall once again in order to produce the goods, still sad that they don’t provide any “motivation” for this process (nothing like the movies).
J came an hour later and was provided with a syringe and a test tube, she was told to keep our “babies” warm by keeping the test tube in her bra until it was time for Dr C to do the AI procedure.
We went upstairs and then quickly ushered in to the room, Dr C came in doing a few checks, again commended J on what a good ovulation she has had, showed us these tweezer like contraption and how stringy J fluid was, i dunno but we will take any positivity that comes our way. Dr C put our cleaned/washed “babies” in their new home, told J to lay there for at least 10 minutes on the bed and then gave some orders and rather loudly “YOU WILL HAVE INTERCOURSE TONIGHT” (Woohoo).
After the 10 minutes of J chilling on the bed, we went to the reception area, the sister came out and told us, J must go for bloods on the 27th, which suits us since we away that weekend and taken that day off.
Now its the waiting game again and see if this turns out positive…fingers crossed.

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