Pregnant (=^.^=)

So j and i have spent a relaxing weekend in the berg with the folks…well…it was relaxing for me but j had gastro all weekend so was (wo)man down and horizontal all weekend.
since j was due to get aunt flow yesterday/today (this could be a positive sign), we decided we would stop at hilton hospital on the way home to do the blood test, to see if we pregnant or not, so by the time we got home we would have got the results of the test.
in true j fashion of course we couldn’t go straight home after doing the blood test, j decided we needed to do some shopping (nothing stops this woman from a shopping sesh).
we stopped at the mushroom farm store in assagay when j got the call from Dr C rooms, j left me at the till to pay (as usual) for our groceries and walked out to take the call. as soon as i paid and started walking out, j had finished the call and could see a few tears in her eyes(expecting the worse), i asked “annnnnnd???” to which she gave me the thumbs up. i dropped the groceries in the car park, kissed and hugged my wifey with all my love. we were both in so much shock that we had been given the good news besides the 12% odds we were up against. j even said the sister that called also couldn’t believe it that we got it on the first AI try.
once we had been given the great news, we had to phone the lab again as Dr C wanted to check progesterone levels in j blood, to see if she needed meds to help.
we have told our parents and we have given strict instructions that no one is to know until we get the all clear from Dr C.
the results came back positive for the progesterone test and we now have a scan scheduled for 22 March, hopefully i little 2 week old blob sticks/stays and we can get to have a photoshoot when scan day arrives.

we are very happy, overwhelmed and in shock


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