against all odds

so yesterday was scan day. J and I were nervous, anxious ninnys, our app was only at 13h30 and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves (or what to say to each other from the time we woke up). I just had to keep thinking it is what it is, after all we only had a 12% chance that this was going to work.
So the day was blur, J and and I have been pretty busy with work lately, especially since J company bought over Legit, so 1pm came an off J and I were off to our app.
J looked like she just wanted to permanently throw up, maybe cause of morning sickness she recently started experiencing or the nerves, we will just say morning sickness to be positive.
So because our app was pushed out from yesterday,¬†Dr C was running late, 45 min to be exact, but we did hear some interesting stuff in the reception we didn’t know before.
Dr C doesn’t deal with pregnant ladies, he only deals with the fertility bit…will need to ask more on this later.
Eventually it is our turn to go into the room, J gets changed and lays on the bed. Dr C walks in with the biggest grin and quite chirpy and says “you just upped my results, now I can tell people, you see it can work first time”
This was very exciting for us, Dr C tells J to lay down and inserts his scanner probe thing and what seemed like a life time of him looking for something and a bit of awkward silence we get to see our little egg with a blinking beating heart…YES! HALLELUJAH!
Dr C says I must take pics and allows me a few pics of the screen, he then lets us listen to the heart beat…best feeling EVER. He carries on with his measurements, 147 bpm and scan predicts 7 weeks 4 days pregnant.
Dr C does another check around and says only 1 in here ūüė¶ …we will take it though,¬†was hoping 2 since J had a number of big eggs Dr C liked but beggars can’t be choosers. He noticed that J now has a big cyst from where the egg came from. Dr C¬†didn’t seem to phased about this just mentioned that must take it easy and not do anything that may cause torsion. ¬†Dr C then said if you feel any pain we must call him since other docs may think it’s appendix and then want to operate and then we lose the pregnancy, HELL NO that won’t be happening.
So Dr C takes some pics and leads us to his¬†room next door, we sit down and we get a crash course on the internal reproductive system picture again, same one we used on our first consult. He uses some circle calendar thing and says due date will be 4 November. He says because the size is good we have a 89% chance of delivering but obviously we not at 12 weeks so because the period between now and¬†12 weeks is so far and he says most people can’t wait that long, he offers us a free scan at 10 weeks becuase he knows people just get itchy feet and want to know what’s¬†going on in there, to see if everything is good then we move into the high 90’s to successfully deliver.
J to keep taking her folic acid and if all good after 12 weeks then will move onto better stuff for vitamins.
J not to do any strenuous exercise and to keep her heart rate below 140, can’t be above that for extended period of time.
We can still carry on with our sexual life, this is great to hear as we been to scared to do anything since¬†the insemination date as we didn’t want to interfere with the good sperm, silly I know but we had to be pedantic since we weren’t working with good odds.
The staff were really great at Dr C rooms, all were so happy for us and congratulations all round.
Scan sheduled for 10 April, may need to change this date since J gets back from the UK for work the day before.
Will keep you posted but for now you can see¬†our little bean and it’s¬†heart beat.

Rescheduled…but still pregnant

So Dr C is apparently going away so our app has been pushed a day later till the 23rd, as usual the waiting game like everything else in this¬†whole process but at least it’s only 1 extra day.
J and I were doing a hectic spring clean this weekend and found an unused preggo test so we were just goofing around and I said she should try it since we never ever got to experience a positive home test. J dribbled on the stick and within seconds we had a strong positive.
We thought this pretty cool but we were also like what the F would we do if it was negative.