Our olive has grown

So the day has arrived to have our 10 week scan.

I had taken the day off and was pretty excited but still quite nervous, since we get drummed into us that the first trimester or 12 weeks is the vulnerable stage and that anything can happen but in saying that when we reached Dr C rooms there was nothing short of smiles and happiness around.

We were ushered into the usual room where Dr C does his scans. In walked Dr C, very happy, loud and what seemed from the impression I got, quite proud. Here we were the couple that fought the odds and got pregnant with our 12% chances. Pleasantries out of the way, Dr C then went to ask how J was feeling (still very nauseous) and then asked J to lay on the bed and then jokingly asked what we wanted, boy girl boy girl, to which we replied we would take anything at this stage as long as it’s healthy. Only after Dr C pulling out a blue cloth out the draw did I realize what he was getting at, he said he likes to play with the couples and says what ever cloth he pulls out (pink or blue) is what the sex wil land up being (not true) but he mentioned some couples still fall for it (especially the blonde ones).

So Dr C does some settings on his scanner/pc and then squirts the lubricant on J belly and then proceeds to look for our little olive(was the size of an olive the last time we were there). Dr C looks around for a bit…nothing…he then looks adjusts some more settings on the pc and starts talking to himself out loud asking where or why is it so dark. Pressing harder on J belly still nothing. He then asks J to relax and that he going to push harder…still nothing. At this point I was like what the actual F, here we are all happy and joking on what the sex is and we got nothing now? I froze and J told me later she didn’t know what she was going to do, after what seemed eternity, Dr C said to J, we don’t usually do this but we are going to need to do a internal scan again. J quickly gets off the bed runs into the room and takes her her bottoms and then back on the bed. Dr C changes more settings on the pc and then inserts the scanner into J and voila we see our prized possession. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, so much had changed since the last time we saw it. Last time was just a blinking flicker on the screen, now you could make out every body part, Dr C took some measurements and then played the heart beat for us. Strong and healthy. He took some pics for us and then showed us our baby, we got to see that the spine had formed, legs and arms, even moved around and looked like it threw its new mommy and daddy a wave. Not being a person who shows emotions (at all), I don’t think I’ve been so overwhelmed and proud at the same time. I had a good proper drizz while embracing and watching this magical experience.

Dr C told J and to get dressed and then come into his office, he prescribed J some meds for the hectic nausea she been experiencing and then asked which doc is going to deliver. We said we had no clue and who does he recommend, since we live in Glenwood he suggested Dr Nagel at Parklands was very good. He then said we can do the 12 week scan with him but if he is busy Dr C could also do it, but if we wanted to get in with Dr Nagel and can’t we must let Dr C know so he can speak to him and try fit us in.

J called Dr Nagel rooms and the receptionist was nothing short of an actual bitch, extremely rude, J explained that we had fertility treatment and this is what Dr C recommended but she was so not sympathetic of any sort. J called Dr C rooms and asked if he could speak to Dr Nagel, the sisters then also sent a referral letter to Dr Nagel as well, heard nothing for 2 days. J phoned Dr Nagel rooms again and the devil lady answered again and true to her first impression again was absolutely rude and unhelpful. You wonder how or why these type of people work in hospitals where sympathy and empathy should be a requirement. Well based on those 2 interactions we thought maybe Dr Nagel isn’t as good as he is believed to be and in fact we don’t want to have to deal with that women again. J called Dr Mthethwa rooms and they can see us on the 24th, which was great. We have asked for Dr C to send our file and hopefully we get to see our little olive again 😍



So J is off to the UK for work from today till Friday, so we have rescheduled the app for the 10th to 12 April . J is probably going to be so busy on that Monday catching up from the work trip.

J stills has constant nauseas feeling and started to constantly chomp on anything she can get hands on.

For now we wait 🙂