Day 12 – Trigger

this morning was another negative (URGH!)
this seems to be getting a little all to much for J, emotionally, i had to call the sister and let them know we still didn’t have a positive result.
when i eventually got through to the sister she insisted that i come straight away to come collect trigger, to which i needed to administer it to J immediately. lucky for me J works across the road from me so once i had collected the trigger i then needed to sneak J out of work. since we haven’t really told anyone besides family and close friends of our “situation”, J had to make an excuse to leave work for a few min, so we drove up to the local Spar and i gave J her trigger in a semi secluded parking spot – extremely dodgy if anyone did see us, i mean me shooting up J in the parking lot of Spar mid morning with needles 🙂
our app is set for tomorrow, so basically what happens is that i need to “come” in the morning at the fertility clinic, they then wash the sperm off of the antibodies, was told they put on an incline(not sure if this is true) and after a bit all the good swimmers that make it to the top of the incline get scooped into a syringe and then an hour later J needs to come in for insemination and hope these clean swimmers will do their thing.
trying to be positive for both J an I is exhausting, J is emotional wreck at the mo, which is understandable since this isn’t really how you want to make a baby 😩

Day 10 – Scan

So today we went for the scan to see how the lining and eggs are doing.
Dr C didn’t seem to impressed with the thickness of the lining but nothing he said we must be concerned about. he then went on to see the eggs, J had 1 nice egg on the one side and then the Dr C seemed to get quite excited about what he saw on the other side, 2 massive size eggs. “TWINS” was Dr C remark when he saw this (OH YES PLEASE – GREAT NEWS).
the sister then explained the next step of our plan, we needed to do an ovulation test for the next 3 days (including today) and when we have a positive result, J will need to go for bloods to see what her LH level is at and if Dr C is happy with the level then we would have insemination the next day BUT if we didn’t get a positive result by the morning of day 13 then J will need a trigger for the ovualtion.
Once our app was done we went in search for ovulation test, sister recommended we use the CLearBlue range which we obviously took her advice however the result was negative.
J did the test again in the eve and again negative 😩

we have a plan

J hasn’t got a proper period yet, so we cheekily decided to take a preggos test, hey you never know, but it was a strong definite NO.
so we went and saw the nurse at Dr C rooms and we’ve been given our plan and drugs.
The nurse showed us(mostly me) how to prepare the needles and mix the fluids as J defos was not going to have the stomach to stab herself (in the stomach).
Since J hasn’t got a proper flow will count day 1 as tomorrow-29th.
Also no alcohol and caffeine, this has gone down like a lead balloon since J loves her coffee.
So 1 tablet a day for 5 days from day 3 and injections every alternate day from day 3
Day 10 we go for the scan to see how the eggs are growing.




X-Ray was done
Then waited for Dr C, i think he had to walk from his offices which were across the road.
i was again allowed to spectate while everything happened, Dr C had all his “tools” out in between J legs.
they had to shoot some dye up in J, which caused a bit of wincing on J face but Dr C did his thing and seemed pretty happy with everything.
flow was good and then asked us so whats the next step which J and I said together AI 🙂
read that it was good to do the deed after an HSG since the fluid actually cleared any blockages and hey anything that can help that 1 lone ranger swimmer break the chains and do its thing.
He said we needed to contact his office on CD1 to get the process started. this was going to tricky since J was probably going to have Aunt Flo on New Years day and his offices only opened on the 3rd so we will just have to see how things play it with this one.

Dr Kobus Coetsee

so we met dr coetsee

appeared to be a very nice friendly man.

he apologised to us for having to come in on a saturday, which didn’t phase us too much, we were just happy that we were with someone that was actually going to tell us our fate.

so he opened our file and went through all our results that we had collected and asked a series of questions. he went on to explain why he wanted to do another semen test as the first test came back with ±49% normal sperm but the more thorough test the clinic had done the second time, found out there are about ±10% normal sperm (not feeling very positive with that right about now).

he explained what this mar antibodies issue is actually about and that the body actually sees seamen as a foreign body so when it comes into contact with blood, antibodies are sent to protect the body. now obviously this is fine in women but not fine in men, so i assume my incident that had me hospitalised must has somehow caused for blood to permanently get into contact with my seamen hence the reason for the high antibodies. so these antibodies basically surround the sperm and cause them to clump and/or stick together. because they were stuck together this would be the reason we couldn’t get any swimmers to j eggs. dr c made a note because he needed to know how they were sticking together i.e. head to head, head to tail or tail to tail. once of these were very bad he mentioned but said would come back to us on that (never did).

he then had this diagram out on his desk of the reproductive system and explained in depth what happens and what our chances will be.

12% chance with ai and if successful 10% chance of twins.

40-50% chance if we go IVF route.

dr c wanted to do an internal but j was a bit apprehensive as she had literally just started suzie, just before leaving home for our appointment.

dr c didn’t seem to phased with this and explained that he sometimes has to do internal scans on cd3 (blood bath).

we were ushered into the room next door to his office, i was allowed  to sit in the room while j got her lady bits checked out and i, must admit you ladies go thru some eeeeeek stuff.

dr c saw j had 12 eggs on the left and 10 on the right – all healthy and big which seemed to please dr c very much.

he recommended we set up a hsg to check the tubes and flow through the tubes, just to make sure there no blockages.

hsg scheduled for the 13th at umhlanga hospital, we getting somewhere now